Project "OSLO": Introduction

Project "OSLO" is an initiative of the Microsoft Connected Systems Division with a few remarkable goals:

  1. improve the cooperation between the roles within the Software life cycle
  2. integrate the operation policies at a very early stage of the application life cycle, to enable the "Dynamic IT"
  3. host a service bus in the cloud (Internet Service Bus), to remove the last barriers for an orchestrated B2B business

Robert Wahbe, corporate vice president of the Connected Systems Division at Microsoft, presented "OSLO" at the SOA & BPM Conference on October 30. with the following words:

Microsoft is investing some of the top engineering talent at the company to make two key investments:

  • Deliver a world class SOA platform across client, server, and cloud.
  • Deliver a world class and mainstream modeling platform that helps the roles of IT collaborate and enables better integration between IT and the business.

My next 2 blog entries will tackle these 2 aspects. You can also find additional information on the Project OSLO homepage.

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