App of the Week – OneNote MX Preview for Windows 8

 If you haven’t already, you will start university in just a few weeks (sorry summer is soon over ;-).  You will have new courses, new professors, new text books, new schedules… wow… a lot of things to keep track of! That is why this app of the week is all about helping you keep organised….


Already had a look on Windows 7?

Windows 7 is now released! Did you know that Windows 7 Professional has been already available through MSDN AA since several weeks? Presumed that your university or school has the MSDN AA Subscription, you can download it and get to know to the capabilities of this great new software! Have a look on the following…


You Make IT Smart: Code – Play – Win

The You Make IT Smart campaign invites you to “Code – Play – Win”. Find out how to program your own spaceship game, win one of the 200 free Xbox 360® Arcade consoles, download free software, complete free online learning courses or take part in competitions with great prizes.   Microsoft Switzerland is giving away…


Simulated LEGO NXT Environment from SimplySim

SimplySim, a Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio partner, has released an application that allows you to control either a simulated LEGO® NXT Tribot in a rich 3D environment or a real Tribot.SimplySim has simulated the Lego© Mindstorms© NXT robot in an office environment. A user friendly dashboard allows you to easily run your program both on…


Microsoft Robotics Development Studio 2008

Hello Visitors! My name is Milan Kubicek. I’m a full-time student at the University of Berne where I study computer science. Since July 2007 I have worked part-time at the Microsoft Switzerland Academic Team. In the future I want to keep you up-to-date about our technologies like Silverlight, Microsoft Robotics Development Studio (MSRDS) and others….


You Make IT Smart – Discover the Resources Here!

Would you like to know how to win a free robot? Have you already downloaded Microsoft design and development software titles for free? Would you like to take part in fun competitions and win cool prizes? If you got curious, the You Make IT Smart campaign shows you how to discover these resources.   Microsoft…