App of the Week – Dr. Windows for Windows 8

Hi folks!

Basically today's app just acts as a newsreader like many other apps available in the Windows Store. The reason I decided to choose this app is more obviously because of it's content. Dr. Windows brings you the daily dose of Windows you won't get everywhere else.

Acquired from their website, the app - besides the detailed and up to date news articles - provides you with useful and interesting content such as FAQ's, recent Downloads and Updates.

If you don't know about Dr. Windows, this is basically the website I recommend if you look for little tools that for example bring you your Windows 7 start button back, help you limit the maximum volume output level of your system's sound, or just help you create bootable USB drives.

The community is quite numerous and they are filling the questions and answers forum with lots of useful content.

Try the Dr. Windows app for Windows 8 now and you get everything important right on your start screen:


Remo - MSP Bern

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