App of the Week – Music Mix for Windows 8

Hi all,

This week I was looking for a music app for Windows 8 and found several that work well. I picked one out to present you now. The app I introduce is called Music Mix. As the name already anticipate the app not only plays songs but also has a mixer.

Optically the app looks really simple but it works well and it does what you can expect from a music mixer. You have 2 record turntables and you can add a song to each of them. Before you can start you have to feed your playlist with up to 999 songs. Now you have the possibility to play only one song, two songs at once and mixing these two songs to each other. For each turntable you have some basic features like play, pause, stop, change volume and balance.

If you are tired to be the DJ you can switch to auto mode and relax 🙂


My conclusion: I like the app, it works well and looks nice. Some additional features like scratch with the turntable would be fun 🙂

For more information visit the official site, where you also find the link to download this app from the Windows Store.


Kind regards,

Raphael Bösch
Lead Student Partner Fribourg


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