App of the Week – Jetpack Joyride

It has been a while since we last reviewed a game! Let me change that and present to you “Jetpack joyride”. It is a very fun little arcade game a discovered only a few days ago.  

You are playing Barry, a bored salesman that happened to steal a jetpack in a secret lab. (If you want to see how that happened check this out).

The goal of the game is fairly simple: go as far as possible in the secret lab without hitting an obstacle using your jetpack to go up and down. The further you are, the faster you will go.

(image: copyright Halfbrick)

A lot of things happen during the game, you must collect coins, you can get bonuses that will transform your character, and you need to watch out for missiles going your way… you don’t even have time to blink!

You also have different challenges and objectives that you can complete to level up and make gain more coins. One you have enough coins you can upgrade your gear or customize your character with new abilities.

Overall the game is pretty fun but it is a little bit annoying (or frustrating) that you start every time from the same spot. It would have been nice to have different levels. The different challenges make up for that uniformity I guess. I also found another detail to be pretty frustrating and fun at the same time… the translation of the game in French is terribly bad.

I hope you will enjoy playing this game and let me know in the comments what you favourite game on Windows 8 is right now.




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