App of the Week – Movie Guide

Here is another entertainment App which was rewarded at the Microsoft Switzerland's App conference Shape in the beginning of April.

Movie Guide is one of the Switzerland top Apps which brings you the information of over 69'000 Movies into one place on your start screen. The App lets you easily browse through upcoming and currently playing titles but also gives you the possibility to snoop through a huge list of popular and top rated films. Movie content contains a lot of useful information in IMDb-style such as playing actors, directors and producers. Within just a few clicks you can instantly watch and enjoy high-quality trailers.


Movie Guide semantically connects different content such as people and movies and allows you to crawl through a never ending list in the huge semantic network. Of course, also search functionality is present. At the end, the sharing feature allows you to export the content you like for example to Skydrive and OneNote - keeping track of everything.

Download it here.



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