Game Starterkit for Windows 8 with Windows Azure backend

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If you are ready for your next project for Windows 8 we have just great news to share with you:

Our Norwegian colleague at Microsoft created a really nice game template using Azure Mobile services backend to get you on board to develop for Windows 8 with Azure.

This kit includes all the basic functionalities to get a game published to the Windows Store and is written in HTML and JavaScript. Using an Azure Mobile services backend means that you can create great games that support online leaderboards or similar services.

You can find a step-by-step description on how to set up and use the kit on the digitalerr0r blog. It takes developers about 10 minutes to set up everything and get it running. Find all the resources and descriptions here:

In addition to this, you can find “The Making of Lumilight” which guides you through the creation of simple game for Windows 8 called Lumilight. In this blog post you can see which particular steps have been considered to create the game structure and parts of its logic:

You will see that working with Azure is really simple and fun. Even if you don’t have the big budget to manage a huge multiplayer games service, Azure provides you with a small basic infrastructure that you can purchase even for free.

Also check out the Faculty Connection resource center if you need more material for Windows 8 App development:

I hope to see some more games soon 😉

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Remo – MSP Bern

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