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Did you know that there were “3D printing” pens? Who the Oscars winners are? Or what new phones Nokia announced? I do… after spending my last hour reading the news on CNN’s Windows 8 app (instead of actually reviewing it!)  

The application was one of the first on the Windows 8 market and has been doing great ever since. The design and features of the application are very well made. When you open the app you directly see what the top stories and latest news are or go into a section to read more about specific subjects. You can always read the article, browse the photos and even watch the videos without ever leaving the app. If you like a particular article you can of course save it in your favourites. If you forgot to save it you can find it using the history. Many other features are worth mentioning like syncing your settings across devices using SkyDrive or sharing a story directly via e-mail. There is almost nothing that is missing from the application, the only thing I could think about would be to pin a particular topic to the start screen to always get the latest updates.

I have been using the application for a while and use it as one of my primary source for news even regarding tech news since the articles are concise, well written and the app is just great. And guess what? You can find the very same app for the Windows Phone.

 Where do you read the news? Are you using an app? Share in the comments!


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