App of the Week – Network Usage

Although in Switzerland i don't need to have a very close look to the mobile data usage of my tablet, sometimes it happens that i go out of the country, and boy do the roaming prices burn! 

That's why i found this nifty little app that saved me from lots of additional money spending: Network Usage and it has a pretty basic function, that being to monitor the incoming and outgoing data of your tablet/pc/laptop or whatever fancy gadget you might be running Windows 8 on. And not just Windows 8 but also Windows RT!

It's a real no-brainer to use it and i find it just so comfortable having finally the transparency of all the billing that my phone service provider would like to make me pay.

On the right side you find just some overview information on the IP you have, connectivity level and if it's on roaming or not, the speed of the connection and last but not least the encryption and authentication modes. On the left hand side, the data usage is presented in an easy to understand bar chart on which you can drill down into the data by clicking on the separate columns.


Whit this app i can really enjoy having my tablet with me, even when i am travelling abroad and i can stop being paranoid that i get billed for what i don't use. 

You can download the app of course from the Windows 8 Store.

What do you use to keep count of the data usage of your devices? I was also looking for such an app for the phone. Any good suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment! 


Andreia David

Lead MSP Ticino

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