App of the Week – Windows Phone Store for Windows 8

Hello there! Always on the scout of useful and amazing apps, our team tries to find what we think is best for you. We rummage through the marketplace every week and hope to find something interesting. Today I'd like to present you an app that lets you do the same what we do - looking for great apps.

The app is called Windows Phone Store where you.... whaaat? Windows Phone? I think there was something about Windows 8? Yes! Please let me go on. Windows Phone Store is an app for Windows 8 and, in general it's nothing else but the visualization of the content from the Windows Phone marketplace in a nice Windows 8 tile based design. Sure this app is definitely only useful if you are the owner of a Windows Phone device, but I think most of our readers are so - or perhaps sometimes they will.

Okay, let's come to the point. Windows Phone Store lets you crawl the Windows Phone Marketplace the same way as on but in a touch optimized manner. As you may know, looking for apps on the phone itself can sometimes be hard because the amount of available apps just doesn't scale that well with your screen size. Therefore Windows Phone Store could do the perfect symbiosis between your Windows 8 and your Windows Phone device.

Like most of the Apps in Windows 8 that are bound to a database, Windows Phone Store provides the search browser functionality that lets you search for content from the charm bar without actually have to start the app in advance. The content is loading really fast and the interaction seems to be quite intuitive. It is to say that I don't like everything about the app at the moment. What I really would like to see is the missing Snap View feature, so I could look at some apps on the go while doing other important stuff. And if I found something great, unfortunately the app doesn't give me the opportunity to directly share that content. But what I do like is that I can directly "install" an app from my PC by opening an in-app browser, providing your Microsoft account and selecting the method for the installation and you're done!

So give it a try - I hope you like it!

Windows Phone Store for Windows 8


Remo - MSP Bern

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