App of the Week – VMetro for Windows 8

VMetro is a news aggregator of another kind. It doesn't aggregate RSS feeds as the usual news app does, it summarizes news to topics you are interested in by presenting you with videos from across all the major video sharing platforms.

VMetro offers a new and interactive way of accessing your news stories in a simple but intuitive environment. To make this entire process even simpler, the pintch function has been incorporated into the application so that you can scroll in and out of videos with the greatest ease. You can also click on a keyword at any time to be redirected to a page where all the keywords and their respective videos are related to the keyword you selected. With such a convenient way to follow the news, you'll never again have to worry about staying up-to-date with current events!


  • A video browser connects keywords, topics and the whole story.
  • With 24/7 service cross PC/tablet, TV, and smartphone
  • Serve in 33 major languages
Give it a try for free here!
MSP St. Gallen

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