App of the Week – Fresh Paint for Windows 8

Hi folks,

After a short pause with our blog series we're back again and full of energy 🙂 As Windows 8 is out since some weeks there are a lot of new apps to discover. That's why I choose for this week a Windows 8 App. And the winner is... Fresh Paint.

When you now are thinking back to the old Paint you all know from older Windows Versions I have to tell you: It's really not the same. By downloading this 51MB application you really get something
that makes fun and best Thing: it's for free!

So what can you do with this wonderful app?

  • When you start you first choose the basics you wanna work with. This can be a Picture from your PC, a new picture you just take out of the app or you decide to use one of the given backgrounds colors.
  • As a second step you choose the paper you work with. Different paper results in different behavior when you start painting.
  • Done with that you choose the color you like to paint. Here you can start getting creative! Except the standard colors you have the possibility to mix your own color on a color board.
  • Last step you choose the brush, pencil or whatever you like out of 7 different alternatives.
  • Start being creative! This is of course the best part 🙂
  • If you wanna paint some small Details you can just zoom in.
  • If you do something wrong you always can go backwards and of course have different ways to erase wrong lines and points.


My conclusion: This is an app that makes a lot of fun Independent of your age. It works fine for normal PC and even better if you have a tablet. Good thing for your kids in the coming cold winter months. It gives you a lot of Features for a free app. And if you need more you can buy different sets of artwork directly out of the app.

For more information visit the official site, where you also find the link to download this app from the Windows Store.



Kind regards,

Raphael Bösch
Lead Student Partner Fribourg


The App of the Week blog category is an initiative of your local Microsoft Student Partners in Switzerland. Feel free to contact us, send us your proposals for an App of the Week or drop some lines below if you want to share ideas, feedback or just want to comment.

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