App of the Week – is a very well-known hotel booking website. With over 240’000 hotels in 177 countries, it has become the website to go to when planning holidays or a business trip. With their new Windows 8 application, searching for hotels has never been easier.

When launching the app you are presented a very simple but yet effective start page. You simply type in the city you are traveling two along with the dates and number of people and hit search.

The search result page is great. On the left you get an overview map of where the hotels are located. Next to it, you have the search results very conveniently presented with the rating, price and number of stars.  By default the hotels are rated by popularity but you can also order them by price, stars or review score. You can also choose to filter out hotels that are too expensive (or too cheap 😉 by giving an upper and lower bound for the price. You can also filter by the number of stars, hotel type, facilities and review score.

When you select a hotel you get all the information you are used to get from the website but presented in a more convenient way. You can for example browse through the reviews to see what people liked and disliked about the hotel. You can easily browse the pictures, see the hotel on Bing maps and read about the hotel facilities and policies.

Once you decided for a hotel you can very easily select the room you want and proceed with the booking. After providing all usual information you can book your hotel without ever leaving the application! Great!

I really like this new application. It really simplified the tricky task of planning holidays 😉 Some features are still missing though. It would have been nice for example to login with a account to pre-fill the forms or to have a way to store a selection of hotels for further reference.  I hope those features would come soon 😉

If you want to try it out by yourself download it for free from the Windows Store here.



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