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A highly customizable multi-platform Newsreader

Hi all, I wonder how you are doing this Monday? Have you enjoyed your weekend, are you relaxed and fresh to get another week of work? Many people do agree in the common hypothesis that Monday is said to be worst day of the week. But if you think the other way round you will realize that exactly that time in which you sit in the train next to your colleagues or enter the office in the second floor of Nowherestreet 17, you definitely have some good story's to tell. Many things happen while you have two days off. Many things happen in this world at all. Sometimes you really get bombed with stories, and I'm not only talking about Mondays! Some of these stories might be of your interest and some of them might not. Like the day I went to the butcher... what? you don't care? You better want to hear some sports results? See, people are selective, people want to hear things of their interest. This is what today’s app focuses in - stories of your interest.

The App I want to introduce today is called News360, a customizable and flexible newsreader for almost every platform. The idea behind the app is a very scalable and personalizable service that selects and aggregates topics of your interest. News360 gathers and combines actual news from more than 30'000 global sources, analyzes them and presents you just what you want to read about. Be it on your Windows Phone or on your Windows 8 machine, News360 can almost be installed on every platform. Once started, you instantly get the world's top news as a compact selection from multiple sources all over the world. You are able to select and customize your app from a wide range of categories and topics. Be it about politics, science, sports, arts & culture, you can just filter them to display only the ones of your interest.


News360 also allows you to connect to your social networks and to access your feeds and saved articles to create custom readings and better filters. Just sign in for the cloud to have your customized experience shared among different devices.

Give it a try!

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