App of the Week – SkyDrive

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is a very powerful storage solution in the cloud to which everybody has access with a Windows Live ID. It comes with 25 Gig of storage. You can add different private settings to the folders, share them among your friends and have a live picture viewer etc. But for me the killer-argument for SkyDrive is that it’s 100% in the cloud and let your files edit online via the Microsoft Office Online Tools. You don’t need to make a local copy of the documents like in other popular file storage services. Especially for students it’s a very powerful solution to manage your student works. I always had a copy of my master thesis online and whenever I wanted to work on it I logged into SkyDrive from wherever I want to – also from my WindowsPhone – and edit the document live! Word, Excel and Note Files are editable via the Office-Tools that are already installed on your phone. So the SkyDrive app is a very powerful adoption of the functionality that’s provided by the Microsoft Online Service in your browser.


I see SkyDrive as a 2nd hard drive in the web. You can sync pictures that you with your Windows Phone directly to SkyDrive and view it then with your browser showing it to your friends in a big screen. SkyDrive is not a fancy tool – it’s a productivity tool that enhances your workflow tremendously.

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