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Our world is always in movement. Airplanes have become so easily accessible that I could just catch a flight for a weekend in Germany and it would end up costing me less than taking the train. This is why this week I have chosen to talk to you about an app I use fairly often because I love to travel and I’m always eager to see new places: Kayak. Unfortunately it has not yet been localized to Switzerland but since I am close to Italy I use it usually set on that location to see the prices in Euro. 

The interface is rather simple but lovely to use! In a first glance you understand everything they offer you: hotel bookings, flight bookings, car rentals, alerts for different offers you are following and also a service of automatically compiling your itinerary by sending an email to .


Booking hotels and flights is just a few taps away, you select your locations or destinations and all your other preferences and you will get a list of results. For the hotels, you can see how many stars they have from the first glance and of course also the cost for the booking. When visualizing the hotel you would be interested in, Kayak offers you the possibility to book from different websites and not just online but also by phone, for those of you that prefer the more direct approach. Of course also they also show you the details of the hotel with a direct phone number (just in case you want to book directly from them), address of the hotel but also reviews the bing map for the hotel directions and photos of the rooms.

For flights and also cars the app shows you the relevant information in a very easily accessible and intuitive way. Since sometimes some of the searches have a crazy amount of results, the awesome thing the developers have worked on is to have the results populated incredibly fast. Besides this Kayak offers also really useful filtering options but also sorting options and you can definitely notice they have taken in consideration the user’s need to access fast concrete and helpful data.


As for the price alerts, I have not really used them but it seems you can add notifications for best prices depending on the exact dates you wish to travel, the lowest fares for your travel or by the top cities you would want to visit by having them bundled by continent.

Last but not least, they offer a way to take your travel plans with you by forwarding your booking confirmations to . You can access this service either by logging in with Facebook or with your Kayak account. As all the other services they offer, Kayak has thought of how to best organize your trip and have all your schedule information in one single place.

Feel free to download the Kayak app and try it yourself. Let me know what you think of it or if you have any other apps that you use for the same purpose? I’ve also seen TripIt but never tried it so if anyone has additional feedback would love to hear it!



Lead MSP Ticino

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