App of the Week – BoxFiles

Today I like to present you BoxFiles for Dropbox. As the name suggests, BoxFiles deals with Dropbox but it can also cope with SkyDrive, too, which is great when you consider Microsoft gives Windows Phone users 25GB of cloud storage for free - five times more than Apple give its users. Make of that what you will.

Just being able to look at your files is no good. Luckily, BoxFiles for Dropbox comes equipped with the right abilities. Thanks to Microsoft Office integration in Windows Phone, you can download and view and edit Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. 

You can also listen to songs. Once downloaded, your music or podcast will play via Windows Phone's media player, if you use the right file type. MKV and other more obscure formats need not apply, but MP3s should work just fine.

Those files can be saved locally and then uploaded again later via a menu option in the dedicated app... Take a picture on your camera, click share, and there is a Share with BoxFiles for Dropbox option ready for you to share with Dropbox. Doing so uploads the image to your Dropbox and everyone is happy.

If you are into your cloud storage, and need to access both Dropbox and SkyDrive files, i think then that the app comes highly recommended. It's not the most attractive piece of software but it's easy to use and can perform most tasks you need. If you don't need SkyDrive, the free price tag makes it even more tempting.

The app, simply called BoxFiles and available now in the Windows Phone Marketplace 

So Download it and enjoy the experience on your mobile!

Sami Ghanmi

Lead Student Partner Geneva


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