App of the Week – Kayak

Our world is always in movement. Airplanes have become so easily accessible that I could just catch a flight for a weekend in Germany and it would end up costing me less than taking the train. This is why this week I have chosen to talk to you about an app I use fairly often…


Free entry for students on the Developer Day of TechDays 2012 Basel

Learn all the latest news about current trends and highlights at Microsoft Switzerland’s largest event for developers and IT professionals. We are happy to announce that again the participation in the Developer Day is free for students (until age of 28).  Take your chance and register now via email to . Please bring you…

App of the Week – BoxFiles

Today I like to present you BoxFiles for Dropbox. As the name suggests, BoxFiles deals with Dropbox but it can also cope with SkyDrive, too, which is great when you consider Microsoft gives Windows Phone users 25GB of cloud storage for free – five times more than Apple give its users. Make of that what you will….


360° Summer Photo Competition – New Deadline

        Extended!!!             New deadline: September 30th   Hi all! Good news! As many of you have been on holidays, we have been asked if we can extend the deadline for this year summer competition. YES, WE CAN!For you this means, that you have an additional month to submit your 360° panorama pictures. The new…


Nokia Live Press Conference about Nokia Lumia 920 / Lumia 820

Hi all, Yesterday I was watching the live press conference of Nokia (started at 4 p.m. our time) via live stream and like to share some impressions with you.   The new Nokia Lumia looks pretty nice. Especially the Hardware seems to come with a lot of improvements but there are also some really cool software…


Imagine Cup 2013 has been launched!

That great time of the year is here again: the official launch of the Imagine Cup 2013. Unlike the previous years, this year the competition has become even more broad to give the opportunity to students to be inspired, surprise and change the world with their ideas, but also be engaged with new ways of…


App of the Week – OneNote MX Preview for Windows 8

 If you haven’t already, you will start university in just a few weeks (sorry summer is soon over ;-).  You will have new courses, new professors, new text books, new schedules… wow… a lot of things to keep track of! That is why this app of the week is all about helping you keep organised….