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We presented you a great collection of Windows Phone 7 apps since we spread the first post out from our App of the Week section. Microsoft is doing big process these days and we really hear a lot of news about cool and new stuff such as the new Windows Phone 8 operating system for smartphones or Windows 8 for desktop- and RTM- devices. For those who can’t wait for the official Windows 8 release on October 26, we already want to prepare you with an app that will be present in the Windows store, the first day you will be using Windows 8 (or for those who installed the Windows 8 Release Preview already). is literally an early bird of a Swiss app that is already available in the Windows 8 store and gives a first impression how future apps could look like. As our Swiss readers may already know, is a well common Swiss online auction company such as Ebay and with their app you can have it directly pinned on your start screen.

The first impression of the app is a clean and intuitive metro designed start page which supports multi touch pinch-and-zoom gestures for fast page navigation. The categories are pretty much organized the same way as on the webpage but there is one small detail that makes the huge difference between the app- and the browser experience: Where you have a lot of menu bars only displaying text to filter available products in the browser version, the app describes the categories directly using product pictures to create a semantically correct and comfortable interface. The pinch-and-zoom functions allow you to directly zoom inside categories and see trending example products.

In my opinion the app is a great tool to rummage in the masses of products from time to time if you just want to have a look what people want to give away these days. If you have a concrete imagination of a product you are looking for you will still be served better if you visit the page directly, using your browser, because the filter functions still need to be upgraded. I think the app is still in one’s swaddling clothes and there will be some more updates. From my side a big respect to the developers that keep always up to date with software even before an official release!

This app is available in the Windows 8 store. Check out more details on the Windows-Store preview page:

PS: Talking about Windows 8, what kind of user can you imagine to be? Will you be still using the well known Windows Desktop environment or will you try to keep everything in tiles from now on?


MSP Bern

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  1. Jonas says:

    Looks quite cool. I will download it right away (now on Win8 🙂 ). I have another question regarding Win8. Is there a possibility for Swiss Students to get early access as publisher to the Windows Store? I've seen that it's possible in Germany (Windows Student Developer Club) and Austria. How about Switzerland?

  2. Hello Jonas

    Could you please contact us directly by sending an e-mail to the blog author? You can use the provided button which can be found in the upper right section called "options".

    Thank you for your interest!


  3. Remo Diethelm says:

    Hello Jonas

    This post could be interesting for you……/windows-store-now-open-to-all-developers.aspx

    The windows store is now open to all developers including students which have free access to the store via Dreamspark

    Have a nice day!


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