Busy, busy summertime! Join the activities!

This summer has started with a boom! Since we know you have a bit more time (without any classes) we wanted to offer you the possibility of getting a head start with your windows 8 programming, but we did not want you to forget to have fun! We had the Imagine Cup Finals in Australia, and lately we have just launched the 360ᵒ Summer Photo Competition.

There are other events you can participate to, if you want to improve or get a head start on your programming :

31st of July , from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM,  Porting existing Windows Phone Applications to Windows 8 - In this Jump Start video you will learn how to migrate your existing Windows Phone Application to Windows 8 with as little effort as possible. You will learn about dos and don’ts while porting existing applications and existing User Interfaces. You will find out what UI will help you creating a portable User Interface and which code will run both on Windows Phone and Windows 8. You will also learn how Visual Studio can assist you in maintaining one single source code base while targeting multiple platforms. 

Registration link is here.

7th of August, from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM, Architecting Windows Phone Applications that will also run on Windows 8 - In this Jump Start video you will learn how to plan developing applications for Windows Phone that will run on Windows 8 as well with a minimum amount of code modifications. By separating the UI from the program logic by making use of a modern design pattern like MVVM, chances are good that your Windows Phone program logic can largely be reused in Windows 8 applications. Since the UI of a Windows Phone and Windows 8 application will likely differ, focus of this Jump Start will be on code reusability. You will learn to use the MVVM design pattern while creating your application and what parts of code need special attention when porting them to Windows 8. You will also learn to use elements of object oriented software design to increase code reusability.

Registration link is here.

May to October, Get Ready For Windows 8 Event Series - MSDN TechTalk and Hands-On Lab Combo, one day event, and also 2 hour events on Ask the Expert Wednesday.  For details on the hours and dates, but also registrations: http://msdn.microsoft.com/de-ch/aa570302.aspx?EventID=1032382755.

We hope all this helps you enjoy your summer even more!

Andreia David

Lead Student Partner Ticino

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