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Since my last blog post I have listened a lot to my favourite radio station.

The main problem was that I can't receive it with an ordinary radio receiver but only as an online stream or via satellite, at least at my place and around Basel.

Listening to a live stream on my wp7 wasn't possible before I discovered Tunein. (Listening to a satellite radio station still is impossible 😉 )

Tunein is a audio live stream client with excellent 7.5 feature support.

You can pin your stations directly to the start screen, and playback music in the background.

In the application you can nearly find every online radio in the world.

If the station supports broadcasting of the title of the current song,

Tunein will of course display it and the album art.

For some stations you will even get the related tweets.

You can also switch to related radio streams.


All this usually works perfectly with a G3 connection but of cause wireless LAN performs better.

Battery usage is of course an issue, so I won't regard using it without a power plug in the train if you ordered a mobile ticket with our last app of the week "SBB Mobile".

Do you use Tunein?

Tell us which great features I missed to write down.

Get Tunein.


Patrick von Reth

Lead Student Partner Basel

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