App of the Week – SBB Mobile

Dear appaholic,

This week I show you another app I use several times a week. It's called SBB Mobile and you can use this free app to get your real-time train timetables for Switzerland and to buy your tickets directly from your smartphone.

But before you can buy your tickets from where ever you are, you have to register for the ticket shop on the website. If you are not yet registered, click here.

Here can you see how it will look when you buy a ticket:

Choose the route Select a train Check Details
Check & Buy Show your ticket


Additionally I can say that the app works really well and since the last update I didn't remark any problems. Sometimes it takes little bit too much time to find the timetable, but maybe that was because of bad internet connection. 

My conclusion: You travel a lot with public transportation in Switzerland? You wanna be flexible in buying tickets for your train? Or you just wanna know what shops you have at your train station and what time they close? Then this app is a MUST for you! 🙂

Download: For more information visit the official marketplace site, where you also find the link to download this app.

Languages: German, French, Italian, English


Hope you will have fun with this really useful app!


Kind regards,

Raphael Bösch
Lead Student Partner Fribourg

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