App of the Week – LEO Dictionary

Hi all,

This week I like to introduce an app I use nearly every day. Many of you already know LEO Dictionary from the website In my eyes it's one of the best online dictionaries and I'm really happy that they now have an app for Windows Phone 7.

Similar to the online version you have 6 languages to translate from/to German:

  • German <--> English
  • German <--> French
  • German <--> Spanish
  • German <--> Italian
  • German <--> Chinese
  • German <--> Russian

The app remembers your last choice until you change it manually. It's easy to use and clearly arranged, made for what you need -  translate.

Please note that to use this app you need a connection to internet!

My conclusion: If you often need to write and communicate in different languages, this app will really help you! Try it and you will love it 🙂

For more information visit the official site, where you also find the link to download this app. If you wish to install it directly over Zune software (phone connected to your PC by cable) you can just do it here.

Hope you will have fun with this really useful app!


Kind regards,

Raphael Bösch
Lead Student Partner Fribourg

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