App of the Week – TouchMountain

...because we love mountains!

Today I will present you another interesting augmented reality app called TouchMountain that makes great use ufe the windows metro design. We got the input from two students Chris and André that worked on this app at the University of Zurich during a practica.

TouchMountain lets you explore mountains in your nearby area in different ways. It is especially useful for people that love outdoor activities and especially have a flair for mountains.
Using the augmented reality function you can directly display nearby mountains through your integrated smartphone camera. The interactive display lets you directly press onto the mountain of interest, which will show a small pop-up with additional details about distance, height, and nearby towns. If you push the pop-up again you will open even more details in a very informative panorama page that shows pictures of the mountain, current weather information, nearby webcam stations and also Wikipedia contents of the region.

The app lets you also display mountains in a map or list view, therefore just adapts your current needs.

A very interesting and roofed feature is the ability to download mountains of different countries to the local database where they are also available offline.
The app is overall well-thought-out in terms of usability and design and gives the user a very comfortable feeling.

Dear students, I know that exam period keeps you at home, learning hard and banning the sun out to your short free time, but holiday comes soon and will give you the oportunity to glaze with an informative tool, always in your pocket. And if you like what you see, just take a picture of the current view using the screenshot button.

Get it now on the Windows Phone Marketplace:

...or check the official site of TouchMountain:


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  1. André Meyer (MIT Innovation AG) says:

    Thousands of thanks to Remo for your post.

    If someone has questions, feel free to contact us via We really are listening to feedback and will answer questions 🙂

    best regards,


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