App of the Week – Funny faces – Augment your memorable moments!

Big fan of 9gag or of memes in general? I know, I know, who isn’t these days? Well if you do like them and you also enjoy having a few laughs with your friends, have I found the app for you!

It’s called Funny Faces and it is an augmented reality app that lets you superimpose different meme faces or objects on pictures that you take of yourself or your friends.

You can have multiple people in the picture and they will all get a clown nose, a mustache, mariachi hat or cool shades, depending on the theme you choose. You can also add multiple if you want, say for example the troll meme with funky hair.  



The face recognition process works really well, but in case the size and placement of the superimposed elements is not of your liking you can also resize them by pinching them and also move them by dragging. Unfortunately, sometimes that has its glitches, but with a bit of patience you can get out a pretty good result 🙂 This is what i got:

Muchas Gracias!  I love Chuck Norris


The paid version has more funny elements available for you to use in your pictures and also enables you to share them directly with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, accompanied also by a short text message. 

You can also just use a picture that you already have on your phone and edit that one by overlaying memes and other elements. Make your moments together even funnier than they already were!

What do you guys think? Would you use it with your friends? Do you know of any other apps that are similar but have additional functionality or more elements? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated since i am big fan of catching on camera special moments with the ones i love.

Ouh! Here’s where you can get the app 😉

Andreia David

Lead Student Partner Ticino

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