App of the Week – Feed me Oil

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Today I’ll write about an incredible cool puzzle game I found out there in the marketplace, “Feed me Oil”.

It’s fun to play and if you really like it you can purchase it for only CHF 1.29.

An oil pipeline is broken and the oil is about to pollute the nature, but somehow the land itself can consume the oil, your task is to direct the oil from the leak to a huge mouth.

To achieve your goal you have quite a lot of possibilities from boards to change the directions, turning wheels, up to propeller’s and the element of wind itself, I haven’t completed the game yet but I guess there are even more interesting things.

Sometimes it’s not enough to direct the oil to its goal because it first has to be modified by directing it through a particular spot, or the way is blocked by huge machines and you first have to oil a button to make those machines unblock the way.

The faster the oil flows to its destination the more points you’ll get, and you’ll get a bonus if you solve the level with a minimum of elements like the boards, and wheels, what is rewarded with stars (how ingenious) which will unlock extra levels.


The game with its odd looking levels reminds me somehow on “World of Goo” which I loved to play some time ago.

 Btw isn’t it time for “World of Goo” for the Windows Phone 7?


If you get stuck because you somehow can’t figure out how that particular level is to solve, you can use the tips function which will help you complete the level and you can continue with the next one, this will definitely prevent some frustration, but be aware that it will only direct you to the most expensive solution and you’ll probably won’t get any stars.

“Feed me Oil” is nothing to joyful evening at home but it’s perfect to play for five minutes in the train, or in your math lecture, it’s much more entertaining then solving Sudoku’s.


What is your opinion on that game? Do you prefer our blog posts about Game Apps or about everyday utility Apps?

Let us know! 


Have fun with Feed me oil and the upcoming Apps of the Week.






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