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Let me stay again in the big world of games in this App Of the Week's blog post. Last time, Benjamin presented you with the fact that smartphone games as well can shine with very expensive and detailed graphics. In my case I think graphics are sometimes overrated, especially if they affect the absence of the core factor of a good game - the fun factor. I think the developers of Taptitude share the same opinion and really focused on the main aspects of diversity and entertainment as they developed this app.

The first time I installed the game I was like wow!  who in this world wants to download a single game if he can have a whole collection of games! And this is exactly what Taptitude is - a huge collection of over 60 games that call for your reaction, speed, skills, patience, cleverness and of course a big amount of your free time because you can't lay aside your phone anymore. Sure I will tell you why, but to come back to a topic: I was complaining about graphics right? Not really - I just meant that good games don't necessarily need good graphics. Remember those nearly forgotten, amazing 8-bit games? Yes they were fun, and they still are! Not because of their graphics, but because they enchained you to play it again and again.


Most of the games in Taptitude all follow the same minimalistic design principle. They don't need expensive graphics to make fun. All games are arranged as different tiers (1 to 10) and you first have to unlock games within a tier by earning star points in other games. The best thing about this collection that impressed me the most is the ability to buy updates or power up's with play money that you earned while playing other games. And you are the luckiest guy if you can collect power up's that you can use for example in Hurdle Hero while digging holes in the Coin Miner. I cannot explain you every single game in detail. The collection is just too big. The best thing for you to do is to download and try the app by yourself to get an impression. Taptitude is available for free.

There is just one question left: Will you already have passed hell before you have enough money to unlock that permanent magnet in Coin Miner? I can tell you.

Taptitude in the Windows Phone marketplace:


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