App of the Week – Sid Meier’s Pirates!

I’m not using often my phone to play games, because I know their potential of drawing me in and keep me locked down for hours. Usually on the Xbox or PC it’s not that problematic but sitting in a tramway and driving around in circles in the city for hours because of forgetting time and space actual is a problem.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! is such a game that can take time by making good time. Gamers among you still might know the PC Version from 2005. You start as a privateer for one of the four Great Powers: Spain, the Dutch Republic, England or France but actual you cross the Caribbean Sea to find your luck and make yourself a name as a notorious pirate.  During Gameplay you might attack any other ships or towns that coming across your backwash. You can earn money by piracy, trading goods, bounty hunting or treasure quest. In the taverns of seaside towns you will get useful information and missions on your way up to the new Black Beard of the Caribbean. Here you may also hire your crew of bloody pirates, but be careful, too many restless men on board might end in a mutiny against the captain. You need to keep their stomachs full and their throats wet to get a punchy bunch of hellhounds on the Sea. And here the game really unfolds his fun part. If you engage a fight, the game plays like a Real-Time-Strategy-Game, you navigate the ship across the see by tipping on the screen while you can burst a load of cannonballs on your enemies flank. If you won the fight you can either decide to keep the entered ship or sink it on the bottom of the Sea. The navigation really works great and intuitive, the interface is clear and handy to use. Those components make the game to a funny action game. Finally enough words, pirates don’t talk they have parrots for that – so … get on board!

The game is available for 3,49 CHF and seems absolutely worth it if you like open world games with action and also strategic gameplay elements. You can even try the demo which gives you five minutes free playtime on the open Sea. Find the game here on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Tell us about your favorite Apps and Games on Windows Phone.

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