App of the Week – The Hype Machine for mobile phones

For a long time now I was in search of a good app where I could find new and cool music.

Last week, while I was running around at the Shape conference to show and give people there the opportunity to play with the Windows 8 Slate, i had a revelation! One of my colleagues told me about this app called The Hype, which is actually the mobile version of the Hype Machine website. This app is available on the Marketplace either as free – The Free Hype – or as a paid application – The Hype, although I could not really find any major differences between the two.

The Hype Machine website is an MP3 blog aggregator that gathers information from 856 handpicked music blogs. After an analysis, the songs found on the blogs are sorted as latest, most popular and, by signing in with your Hype Machine account, you can save and see the songs you love most and follow your favorite music blogs.

The mobile app offers all these functionalities in 5 different screens: latest, popular, loved, subscription and search. Each one of them is pretty self explanatory and on all of them in the lower part of the screen you have the FFW, rewind, play and love button for fast controls when you are listening to music.



You can easily download one of the two Hype apps from here, but again, I would advise you to take the free one since I have not noticed any differences between the paid and non paid one.

When you guys look for or listen to music what apps do you use? Any better suggestions? Looking forward to hear about some other great apps!

Happy Eastern to all of you who celebrated it the past weekend! 

Andreia David,

Lead MSP Ticino

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