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This week I’ll write about Endomondo.

When I started with my first workouts last year I used an app for my WP7 to record them.

I was able to upload the data and to analyze it, but only the plain data for speed and distance was showed.

And for all the cool stuff, like an audio coach which tells me the time and the distance every kilometer, I would have had to pay.

But a few weeks ago I discovered Endomondo.

All its features are available for free.

  • Audio coach:
    • Every kilometer it tells you your distance and your time, but also your time for the last kilometer, if you are listening to music the playback is paused and resumed for the announcement. “20km in 22 minutes, lap time 5 minutes 30 seconds”
  • Live tracking:
    • Your current workout or your completions track can be directly updated so your friends and fans can see where to cheer for you
  • Peptalks:

    • Your friends can send you messages from the Endomondo page which the app reads out aloud. I haven’t tested it yet but it sounds really cool 😉
  • Analyze:

    • You can display your workout on a map and have an overview over your lap times. Your speed is plotted together with the altitude so you can see why you were so slow.
  • Playlist:

    • If you are listening to music your playlist is also uploaded.
  • Statistics:

    • Online you have an overview of all your uploaded workouts. Best time for 10km. Best Cooper test and so on. It also shows you how many Muffins you burned in your workout or how many Burgers you burned overall. How many times you surrounded the world or how many times you visited the moon ;).
  • Challenges:

    • You can take part in challenges every month; there are some official challenges where you can win some Endomondo Gadgets. But everyone can create new challenges and Invite other people, so you can accept “2012 km in 2012” and your progress will be displayed on your Home dashboard.
  • Facebook timeline integration.
    • Twitter integration.

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    So I really love it. It’s not only for running it’s also for cycling and nearly everything you have to move your bodyfor.

    If you think running with your wp7 in your pocket is too uncomfortable, I can assure you it’s not.

    And if you still don’t like it you can buy an armband in the Endomondo store, there are also cases to mount it on your bike.

    I created a Challenge and invite every one of you to run with me "Run with your MSP" 🙂

    When I switched to Endomondo I even took some of my old workouts withme, you can easily import .gpx, .tcx and .fit files.

    The only thing I miss is that there are no heart rate monitors yet which support the WP7.

    Which is your favorite app and why? Tell us, we’re curious to know. If we like it too we might make it a an App of the Week and give you credits!

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