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The YMITS competition is over and during the first wave of phone distribution a lot of you might had contact with the local Microsoft Lead Student Partners. Who we are and what we are doing is the topic of this post. Eight Lead-Student-Partners are working in the academic team of Microsoft Switzerland. For every bigger region there is one lead who maintains contact to students and professors. We are all studying ourselves in one of the regions Zürich, Basel, Bern, St.Gallen, Ticino, Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg in different fields of interests like Computer-Science, Design & Marketing or Economy. As a team we are managing programs like the You Make IT Smart competition, organize workshops or are present at fairs, trades and exhibitions. But the most important part is being a student itself – we know what it means to study nowadays and keep up that information can flow between University and Microsoft in both directions. By picking up trends and distilling what student’s life demands nowadays we try to push or even build a technological ZEITGEIST in our everyday life. We listen to you – so if there’s something you need to tell us – tell it. Take the opportunity we offer to you, do you have a student project, Bacelor or Master Thesis that uses Microsoft Technology or did you develop an app for Windows Phone 7 or a game for the Xbox360? Contact us, we can spread the word.

Those are the Lead Student Partners of your region:

Andreia David: I am the Lead Student partner in Ticino.I have been studying Computer Science for the last 5 years,  having finished my bachelors at the Universita della Svizzera Italiana. I recently also finished my Master in the same school. I always  enjoy meeting new people and I can`t wait to get to know also you!  

Benjamin Burger: I am studying in Zürich, doing my Master of Arts in Design at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. My Master Thesis is about Video Games as arts. I am interested in communication methods and I am responsible for our team blog. So if you have interesting stories to tell, contact me.

Remo Diethelm: I am a master student in computer science at the University of Bern. My interests are software development and computer graphic applications. I live near Biel and beside studies I am actively playing floorball in my home association. Being on the road with friends and doing different other sporting activities are good to eliminate the image of a developer only programming in dark rooms all day long. 

Pascal Himmelberger: Hi! I’m Pascal, 25 years old and a student of Information-, Media- and Technologymanagement. Besides my work as MSP for St. Gallen, I enjoy Movies, Music, Books and Games and I am interested in everything from the realm of Technology and Innovation.

Pierre Grydbeck: Hi ! I’m Pierre Grydbeck, the Lead Microsoft Student partner for Lausanne. I’m currently finishing my bachelor in communication systems at EPFL focusing on programming and security. I love traveling around the world and learn how people live in other countries and of course taste their delicious food 😉 Hope to meet you soon on campus or elsewhere.

Sami Ghanmi: I am a Student in Master in computer sciences at the university of Geneva, and as a program we study networks, programming in several languages( Java, Matlab…).

Patrick von Reth: Hi I'm your Lead Studentpartner in Basel. I'm studing Computer Science  at the University of Basel and will hopefully get my Bachelor this summer, but I also plan to continue with my Master degree in Basel. I like a lot of geeky stuff, like most of the CS students, but also like to meet new people and socialize with them. See you soon. 

Raphael Bösch: Hi, I'm your Lead Student Partner for the area of Fribourg and Neuchâtel. I'm doing my Master at the University of Fribourg right now and I'm also living there . I spend my free time with friends, traveling around, cooking and sports (biking, squash). Feel free to contact me!

And our manager:

Siwan Anastasia Levy, M.A.: Close collaboration with Microsoft Student Partners, the Microsoft Education Team and higher education institutions on campaigns and initiatives aimed at tech students is an essential part of my duties as Developer Audience Marketing Team Lead.  

I hold a master’s degree in communication management and have been working in the IT industry for 12 years before joining Microsoft in January 2012.





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