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Don't we all know the feeling of being overwhelmed by too many things to do? Be it in personal or professional life, an ever increasing flood of tasks seems to be the norm. Managing these tasks and their respective deadlines can get painful quite fast (as most students probably have experienced!).

I have recently come across a useful little tool for my Windowsphone, which helps me to keep track of all my tasks. Tasks Arranger, as it is called, comes with some very useful functionalities to help you with your everyday tasks. Basically, it allows you to easily create and prioritize far nothing special right?




There is more to it, of course! Some further features and characteristics that justify the nomination of this application as the "App of the Week", you will recognize pretty fast when you open the app for the first time. First of all, the overall look of the app. The user interface just looks great. Clean, intuitive and playful at the same time (as you can see in the video above). The app makes it very easy to create and handle tasks. After you have created a task, simply drag it to the left to decrease its priority and to the right to increase it. It's that simple. It is also possible to indicate a deadline for your application and enable a reminder, so you won't forget a task anymore! You can also assign a icon to every task, making it very easy to recognize them.

Not enough for you? Then check this out! The application allows you to create a Live Tile on your Homescreen for each task you have created, making it incredibly easy to keep an eye on your most important tasks.



One feature that proved helpful during the last couple of days I have tested this app, is the ability to recover tasks you have already marked as complete. The application keeps a list with your completed tasks so you can easily recover them if you were too quick with marking them as finished.


I got to like this application mostly because of it's clean looks and intuitive controls. On the downside though, I have to mention that the application is not exactly cheap. With 2.49 CHF it is one of the more expensive apps I have ever bought. If you're not sure whether you would like the app, give it a try with the free edition which allows upto five tasks. In conclusion, I can say that for me, the 2.49 CHF were totally worth it and I would recommend this app to keep track of your tasks!

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Pascal Himmelberger
Lead Student Partner
St. Gallen

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