App of the Week – Pc Remote

Since it is natural for everybody to control his television or hi-fi system with a remote, one of the questions that every user of a computer wondered about at least once in his life is: "Why is there no remote control for my PC?". I was one of these people.

The app PC remote for Windows Phone released me from my suffers.
The only thing you need to do is to install the additional PC Remote Server and you can connect to a computer in the same network and use your phone as mouse, as keyboard, as multimedia remote, and more to make your leisure-time at home much easier.


PC Remote supports many features for different purposes. For example you can navigate through your desktop and office applications using standard controls such as mouse and keyboard. The keyboard also includes function, and arrow keys for a fast navigation. It even has a special function for showing your fancy PowerPoint presentation.


Ok, I myself am a proud user of a wireless keyboard plus a wireless mouse which I prefer to use to do my weekly reports (as I prefer to get my inspiration from my lovely bed I will be lying upon). But believe me, I am a big fan of every piece of music in my playlist which is twice as big as my neighbor’s stamp-collection and I'm listening to it almost all the time. This is where PC Remote is my best friend: It supports a big area of commonly used multimedia players such as Winamp, Zune, VLC Player, Spotify and so on. You can also look for the latest music videos with the integrated YouTube search and let it display directly to the screen of your PC, or even display the whole screen on your phone.

Perhaps we are all getting too comfortable but in this case we can all afford to be a bit lazy, or what methods do you prefer in this respect?

Remo Diethelm

Lead Student Partner Bern

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