Amazing laptops for students

If you are seeking the best moment for buying a new laptop, you should probably go ask the stars or read your horoscope. It would say: “Your star constellation is favorable during these days. The second time this year NEPTUN enters our orbit and makes it the most favorite time in the year for you to get new high-tech equipment.”

Today at 12pm opens it gates until the 2nd October. In this period students and university employees in Switzerland can buy good quality laptops and monitors for best prices. The product-list is really stunning especially if you are looking at the HP and Lenovo product range. The price cut is enormous and the available models are a cut through the whole price range and user-demands. If subnotebook or mobile workstation, you’ll find something for your needs. Whether IT, Design or Life-Science - your horoscope would say: “Neptun provides you with good luck and gives you the opportunity to find what you are looking for. Open your eyes and see.”

For example look at the W520 – the flagship among Neptun’s selection of Lenovo’s line- is with 1895CHF nearly 50% off the official price and has twice as much RAM! Your horoscope would say: “Congratulations –making decisions is easy nowadays!”  

These pricings and the selection are unique. The available models are a result out of a long evaluation process regarding quality and sustainability. Finally, to be offered by Neptun is a seal of quality for the produsers and therefore you get the Crème de la Crème for best prices. HP and Lenovo made a good deal for you by keeping the performance and quality level high.

Sometimes, looking to the stars can be very enlighting.

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