Windows Phone 7 Mango update

Hello World!

Today I saw a really impressing video from the preview of
the upcoming Windows Phone 7 update coming this fall

It gives a great impression of what is coming,


The things I'm most exited about are:

  • Multitasking: So I can listen to web streams
    and do something else with my phone.
  • Sockets: Now real messaging tools can be build
    for the phone, or even multilayer games. In the video you can get a small
    glimpse on the Wp7 Skype app.
  • SQL CE: For me as a developer its really interesting
    to get local SQL database support including LINQ.
  • IE9: The new browser will have HTML5 support,
    so all the cool stuff out in the web will work on my Windows Phone 7
  • XNA inside of Silverlight: Use XNA to draw really complex stuff while using a smooth Silverlight interface for the rest


The video above showed only the highlights of what is coming.

To see the whole talk from MIX11 visit Channel 9 .

Stay Tuned


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