Analytics Tools for WP7 Apps

Hi all,

Microsoft has partnered with PreEmptive Solutions to provide for free Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone 7.

For those of you that have been publishing apps on the Marketplace, you might have noticed that the actual integrated reporting tool is not the best one you could find (they will be a enhanced one coming out first quarter 2011).

Well that is not a problem anymore, since you can get Dotfuscator form PreEmptive for free!

Here are my two favorite features:

  1. It sets trackers in your application so you can see the number of application sessions, number of unique users, feature usage and duration, stability and crash statistics. With this you'll be all set to know exactly how to improve you application and get good feedback from it.
  2. It obfuscates your app, meaning that people can't reverse engineer your code neither can they crack it.

The PreEmptive solution is easy to install and use. It takes less than 30 minutes and has a great tutorial in Word and on YouTube.

So just give it a try (it is free!!!!) by sending a mail with "WP7" in the comment field.

For more info go to:

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Kind regards,

Steven Meyer, Lead Student Partner Lausanne

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  1. dereklakin says:

    Just to clarify, the Preemptive solution is free until March 2011. There is no announcement or details on what the cost will be after that time, yet.

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