Hacking at TechEd 2010 in Berlin!

Back home from Berlin - 5 days filled with new technologies, new contacts to really cool people, lots of great ideas,..

Actually I planned to blog daily about things I've learned at TechEd. Really soon I've realized that this wasn't possible - nine am until seven pm some of the greatest technical sessions I've ever seen and in the evening cool parties where I could speak to the programming and IT gods themselves! I've decided to serve you with the stuff I found the most interesting at TechEd.. Let me start with the security and hacking sessions!

A very cool session was Andy Malone`s "Cybercrime – Clear and Present Danger". It was packed with cool demos of the latest "hacking tools" and presented in a very humorous way. Some astonishing things:

  • www.pipl.com - Do you really think the internet is anonymous?
  • FOCA - a tool which can be used for meta data driven social hacking.. simple but effective
  • NetworkMiner - network forensic analysis tool and packet sniffer

..just to name a few! If you want to know how to bypass MS bitlocker encryption in certain cases watch Andy`s session now! http://www.msteched.com/2010/Europe/SIA307

Also "How to Find Security Issues in Your Microsoft Network!" presented by Marcus Murray was a very neat session. I've never seen a live hacking session this cool - the man in the middle says hello! Live demo of the newest metasploit framework and much more here: http://www.msteched.com/2010/Europe/SIA314

Get back here in some days when I blog about Windows Phone and new things in .NET..

Kind regards,


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