XNA Impressions


Hi @ all
This is going to be my first blogpost here and my first blogpost at all !
So please don't expect too much 😉

Last week I was presenting a little workshop for YMITS and how to develop applications for round  two, as part of our "Fachgruppen-Workshop" in Basel.

I presented a very very simple application with our Fachgruppen banner flying over a the screen of the emulator.
One of my listeners asked me to add a sound effect so that it makes a sound everytime it bounces from the walls.
In about two minutes I added a sound effect which can take you much longer in a different framework.
Finally I added a speedup every time the banner bounces it gains speed.
Quite impressing how fast you can develop a completely useless nerve killing app with XNA.
You should try it 😉
And if you are interested in what I presented in our "Fachgruppen-Workshop" watch it on youtube.com 


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