New Windows Live Messenger

Hi everyone,

I now use the new version of Windows Live Messenger for a longer time and like share my impression with you, especially when you haven't changed to the new version yet.

The best and really nice feature is the integration of social networks, for example Facebook. You can follow the newest posts and comments of your friends directly in the new Live Messenger, comment for example their photos and for this you don’t have to open the browser anymore. This integration includes also the Facebook chat. I really don’t like the small browser chat on the Facebook page, but now I can use my Live Messenger to chat with my friends online in the Facebook chat. And I really like it!

A second feature is called “Tabbed Conversations”. With this feature you only get one windows for all open conversations and you select one of the open conversations by clicking on the named tab in this windows. When you get a new message in one of this tabs, it changes color.

There are much more really nice new features, but I let you to discover them yourself. I only can recommend it so use. I  you like to share your impressions about it, feel free to commet this article 🙂

You can download it here:


I hope you will also have fun with the new Windows Live Messenger!

Kind regards,

Raphael Bösch, Lead Student Partner Fribourg

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