Boost your Windows Phone 7 applications!

Hello WP7 techies

Some of you asked us if its already possible to submit WP7 apps to the Marketplace. Short answer: Not yet. Longer answer: You can try to request early access to the Marketplace submission process.
Find more information on the official
Windows Phone Developer Team Blog.

Instead of waiting and being bored you can have a look at the application requirements and policies for apps and games submission document and improve your app in order to increase chances of it being accepted in the Marketplace.

What about using the cloud in your Windows Phone 7 application? Azure is offering a free "Introductory Special"
This is the ideal opportunity for you to test Azure. Thanks to a "Pay as you Go" payment option you can use Azure in your commercial WP7 application without any financial risks - imagine what happens when your 1$ app is downloaded 1mio times... You don't have to worry about server performance. Azure scales for you.

Do you use the ProgressBar in your WP7 application? - Yes? Me as well. You should have a look at Jeff Wilcox's Blog. Performance affects user experience!

Currently I'm playing around with the bing maps control for WP7. It's really easy to show routes within the bing maps control. Shame on me.

Kind regards

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