IE9: Unleash a more beautiful web

I guess most of you have followed yesterday live show of the IE9 beta release (you can still see it over here). But if you prefer reading, here are the high points of IE9 beta:

  • HTML5!!! And wow it renders really well and really fast!
  • Minimalist browser: don't get me wrong IE9 is really powerful, but the aspect of IE9 is minimalist and you don't focus on the browser anymore but on the content you are browsing.
  • Full usage of the PC hardware: the graphical loads will not be on the CPU anymore but on the GPU witch will make the computer much more responsive.
  • Safe download: usually, with any executable file you download, you get a warning that it might harm your computer. Now with IE9 you only get a warning message if the file has been reported at SmartScreen or has been very little downloaded.
  • IE9 combines the address bar and search box: It is not new to IE9 but it is really well done, with your favorites, history and optionally a search engine (Bing Wikipedia etc.)
  • Pining shortcut: If you have a website you like a lot, you can just pin it to your taskbar, it integrates perfectly with Windows 7 and the jump list. (already many websites have been update for this)

If you want more info, you can find a very nice review from ZDNet

If some of you are fans of The Gorillaz, check this link and see how their website has been optimized for IE9.

And finally to download just click here

Kind regards,

Steven Meyer, Lead Student Partner Lausanne

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