Windows Phone 7 Series

Hi all,

A lot has been going on at Microsoft lately:
Bing maps has evolved a lot, you can directly see some Photosynth within a map, you can view street side, you can use the WorldWide Telescope, and even see pictures of flickr directly in a map.
Internet Explorer 9 PP has been released, all the reviews are great and everybody is excited about it.

Today's post however is going to be about Windows Phone 7 Series (we'll call it WP7S). WP7S was demonstrated for the first time during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona presenting the Metro interface, with the Hubs, the Zune and Xbox integration. If you have clicked on one of the previous link you would have realized that this phone has nothing to do with anything we know (the interface is intuitive with very smooth animation). Microsoft has turned the page of Windows Phone 6.5 to create a new universe where there are some very strict minimum specs (8GB memory, 1GH CPU, GPU with DirectX9 acceleration, capacitive touch with 4 points, A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity, 5 megapixel camera with flash and FM radio) that would give the end user a guaranteed experience and the developer a homogeneous developing platform.

But the good news is just the starting… Developing applications for the WP7S will be a new kind of experience. Developers have the choice to work either in XNA or in Silverlight: XNA is the language that is made specially to develop games on PC, Xbox, Zune and now WP7S (for those how remember it is the language used for YMITS10) and Silverlight is a web application framework that now powers BingMaps, Photosynth, and even SwisscomTVair (more examples here).

And the news is even getting better when I'll tell you that the developer's tools are available for FREE for everyone. You just have to download one file and let the installer do all the rest (yes, just one click to install everything you need to develop).

The good news continues… if you are a student you can submit (sell) all the apps you have created for free by using your DreamSpark account.

And the final good news is that you can even compete in ImagineCup in WP7S development and win incredible prices!!!

So guys and girls - I hope I have convinced you and you are ready to join this new adventure J . Your first stop is here at the developers' page: .

Here you see some other cool links of existing apps (just to give you some ideas):

The T-shirt cannon

The Harvest gameplay (3D!!)

The NetFlix app

The Shazam app

The AP app

And if you want to know everything about WP7S just hop here at the MIX10

Kind regards,

Steven Meyer, Lead Student Partner Lausanne

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    Hey, that’s so cool, there are now so many amazing functions on mobile phones.

    Have you heard about Quick? It is the Qt UI Creation Kit.

    This will allow dynamic user interfaces using the existing UI.

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