Photosynth Adds Overhead View

For dose of you who don't yet know Photosynth (I hope there aren`t many), it is a free software that stiches together all your photos from the same scene, in other words, it creates a 3D object of your pictures by automatically putting them together. You don't need to do anything except taking as many pictures as you want of the scene you like.

Even the CSI have used Photosynth to solve one of their crime scenes: and for once it is not science fiction!


Anyhow, the good news is that Photosynth has gotten a new mode called Overhead View, where you can see the whole synth scene from above with 3D points; by dragging your mouse above the points, you can then see the picture and from where it has been taken. When you click on it, you do a 3D dive into the picture (it is awesome!).

Give a look at this video to see the new experience that Photosynth can bring

And if you want to have fun, just go and create your own Photosynth on

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Steven Meyer, Lead Student Partner Lausanne

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