Bing’s Visual Search

Almost 25 years ago, Microsoft presented a new concept of OS by replacing the command line with some visual windows and icons.

The same is happening now with the search in Internet. During TechCrunch, Microsoft Senior Vice President Yusuf Mehdi presented the Visual Search Beta, which enables you to search with images instead of texts and links!

With Visual Search you make your query and the refining threw pictures. You can just go through the library to visually find what you are looking for or use the left bar to refine you search to a perfect match. Everything is done with style and good design, the pictures load fast and reposition as you refine your search, just click on one picture and you can get all the information you are looking for.

Visual Search

With this new visual search experience, you can find things from which you don't have the exact information. For example, if you see a clip on MTV with female singer that is between 18 to 21 of age and who has won the Grammy award, just do the search and you'll find her (it was Rihanna).

They is already 39 categories of search going from digital cameras to periodic table of elements, so go and give it a try on: (don't forget that it is still a beta and you can give your feedback on the lower right link on every page).

Edit: you need to set United States in bing language settings.

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Steven Meyer, Lead Student Partner Lausanne

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