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I guess by now you all have heard about Bing Search that replaced Live Search since May 2009.

Something you may not yet know, is that (a must stop if you plan to go to study in the US) has created list of 50 tricks and shortcuts that Students should use to get the information faster. Here are some few examples:

Do math: Enter a math calculation directly into the search box to compute anything from simple math to trig functions.

Get definitions: Enter "define" or "definition" along with a word to find a definition of that word.

Find holiday dates: Enter the holiday and year to find out what date that holiday will occur.

Save search results: Save your search results to a local folder online to have access to them without having to remember how you performed the search.

Preview videos: Get a whole page of video thumbnails, then just hover over each to start it playing.

Use their mobile site: The Bing mobile site is specially designed for mobile phone usage.

Don’t forget, Bing is yet a beta in Switzerland. If you want to enjoy Bing’s full power already now, change your browser setting to Unites States (on the top right). We’ll keep you informed when Bing Switzerland takes the next step.

Kind regards,

Steven Meyer, Lead Student Partner Lausanne

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