At university we are all at one point or another in a situation where we need to make a public presentation. Most likely you’ll go with PowerPoint and choose a nice design with Transitions and animations, but as students we usually need some help to organize and present the logic of our presentation. What is the link between the slides? What part of the presentation are you in? These are some questions we often hear during a presentation.

Here is where pptPlex comes in. It gives you the possibility of zooming in and out of slides so you can see the big picture of the presentation and in the same time every slide. After installing pptPlex form here, you’ll get a new tab. Just click on the form overview and you’ll immediately see the result on your presentation: if you right click on a slide you zoom in, if you left click you zoom out and with the arrow keys you go from one site to another very smoothly.


It is realy nice and it will make you presentation outstanding. Give it a try, check out the demos and download it for free from http://www.officelabs.com/projects/pptPlex.

Kind regards,

Steven Meyer, Lead Student Partner Lausanne

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