Simulated LEGO NXT Environment from SimplySim

SimplySim, a Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio partner, has released an application that allows you to control either a simulated LEGO® NXT Tribot in a rich 3D environment or a real Tribot.

SimplySim has simulated the Lego© Mindstorms© NXT robot in an office environment. A user friendly dashboard allows you to easily run your program both on a simulation and on a real robot. The simulated robot is composed of a differential drive, an ultrasonic sensor, a light intensity sensor and a bumper. You can also control the claws. It moves in a fully physical environment with several objects.

To tap the full potential of the dashboard provided by SimplySim you should either use Microsoft Robotics Development Studio 2008 Standard or Academic Edition as those Editions support the “Compile as Service” feature. This enables you to simply add your programs to the Dashboard using the “Add Service” function. If you have access to MSDN AA via the institution you are studying, you should have access to a free copy of the MSRDS 2008 Academic Edition. If you have access to MSDN AA and can’t find the MSRDS 2008 Academic Edition, just contact your MSDN AA administrator or email us on
Of course there is also a way to use the SimplySim LEGO® NXT simulation environment with the free available MSRDS 2008 Express Edition. For more information visit the SimplySim forum on
Download the SimplySim LEGO® NXT simulation environment now from

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