Free Microsoft online services

I have spent some time to try out some free Microsoft online services and thought to share my experiences with you.  


Here are the nicest ones and some examples how I use them: Enables you to collaborate online with your friends and colleagues on up to 1 000 shared office documents in a secure way. This is the best way I found to share documents with my coworkers. Everybody can work on the same document when they have time and wherever we are. Allows you to get 5GB of documents and files synced between several computers. Great for a group work where everyone needs the latest version of the files both on their desktop and on the web (includes remote desktop to your computer). I found it most useful for sharing of our family pictures. Provides you 25GB to backup your data or share it with your friends and colleges online (secure and public folders). I manly use it as a backup service, but find it also useful when wanting to share music, pictures, documents and programs. Hotmail e-mail is probably known by everyone already, but did you know that it also provides online calendar and contacts that you can access anywhere and anytime, now you even with your cell phone (emails meetings etc.)


Live Admin Center: If you have your own domain this is a must. It handles your e-mail, your live account and much more. If you are interested, check the nice tutorial here.


Here are some other cool things that I think are worth giving a look: Find and see places with map view, satellite view and bird view that give you real perspective and amazing picture quality. Put all your pictures together and let photosynth transforms them into a 3D object.


Live Movie Maker: Import and edit your movies to look great and then publish it with a few clicks. If you like stars or have ever wondered what is above you, give a look at this site and find out what it all is really about. you can set up photo collections to stream into your digital photo frame or any of your RSS enabled devices. 


If you have any comments, questions or want to chat about services you find nice, please contact me


I’ll update you about new stuff when it comes up.


Steven Meyer

Lead Student Partner Geneva

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