Welcome to Microsoft Windows Embedded European Tour 24.-25.11.2008


Welcome to the Microsoft Windows Embedded European Tour

24th November 2008 at EPFL in Lausanne

25th November 2008 at ETHZ in Zürich


Want to be one of tomorrow's embedded or robotics developers?


Are you a student, academic or a novice interested in learning how to build the embedded systems and robots of the future? Then why not attend the Microsoft Windows Embedded European Roadshow which is coming to a university campus near you. You'll get to hear from experts from Microsoft as well as local industry partners and gain an insight in to one of the fastest growing technology markets.


You'll also see the Microsoft Windows Embedded family of products at work in the real world and discover how they are being used to power systems in factories, cars, your personal navigation or music player device or even your set-top box at home. You'll get under the hood of the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework and then discover just how easy it is to build robotics applications for a wide variety of hardware using Microsoft® Robotics Studio, the Windows-based environment.


So whether you're a seasoned embedded or robotics developer or a total newbie, then sign up today for the Microsoft Windows Embedded European Tour to learn how to build the next generation embedded systems and robots.


Date: 24th November 2008

Time: 9:30-14:45

Place: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne (EPFL), Bâtiment BC, Salle BC410

REGISTRATIONS TO EVENT IN LAUSANNE: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032393106&Culture=en-US


Date: 25th November 2008

Time: 9:30-14:45

Place: Eldgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, Hauptgebäude, Semper Aula, HG G60


REGISTRATIONS TO EVENT IN ZÜRICH: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032393109&Culture=en-US





Morning Coffees



Welcome & Introduction

Marc-Alain Steinemann, Academic Relations Manager, Microsoft Switzerland


Opening Keynote: Windows-Based Connected Devices in the Real World  

Frank Prengel, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft 


Swiss Environmentalists Tackle Environmental Degradation with Money-Saving Solution

Peter Egli, Software Engineering Consultant, Zühlke Engineering AG


Innovation Cluster for Embedded Software (ICES) & You Make IT Smart

Marc-Alain Steinemann & Sanna Kuusisto Academic Relations, Microsoft Switzerland


“Small is Beautiful” Building Solutions with the .NET Micro Framework

Frank Prengel, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft 


Lunch & Demo Visits



The Ongoing Democratization of Robotics Development

Paul Foster, Technology Specialist, Microsoft Limited


Robotics Development in Switzerland

Frederic Lambercy, Electronics and Development Engineer, K-Team



Marc-Alain Steinemann, Academic Relations Manager, Microsoft Switzerland


Limited bus transportation option (available on first-confirm-first served basis) is available for groups with min. 12 confirmed participants from locations within 30-100km distance from the event place, inquires can be send to sannak@microsoft.com. 


This Roadshow is part of the You Make IT Smart campaign. Lucky participants of the Roadshow have possibility to win one of the 40 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT distributed during the two event.



Visiting Speaker Biographies:


Frank Prengel, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft 

Frank studied Physics in Wroclaw and Berlin. After gaining his Ph.D., in 1998 he joined Microsoft Germany. As a Technical Evangelist for embedded and mobile technologies, he focuses on application development and platforms in the device space. Using conference talks, workshops, articles, and online activities he explains how to combine Windows Embedded & Mobile with .NET and Visual Studio to easily create great software for smart, connected, service-oriented devices. Read Frank’s blog.


Paul Foster, Technology Specialist, Microsoft Limited

Paul Foster is a technical specialist in Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Evangelism group in the UK. Paul has 20 years experience in the computer industry including over 12 years working at Microsoft assisting developers and developer organisations with the adoption of Microsoft’s newest technologies. Paul’s most recent assignment is to support technology enthusiasts who creatively enhance their lives through custom computing solutions including robotics. As a contributing editor to several computing magazines and an accomplished video presenter, you may already be familiar with Paul’s enthusiastic work. Visit Paul’s blog at http://wotudo.net




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