Imagine Cup 2009 Goes to Egypt

Imagine Cup is an annual worldwide student competition with categories ranging from digital arts to software design. More than 200 000 students from 100 countries entered the competition in 2008. As with the Olympics, Imagine Cup finalists compete at the world finals. Imagine Cup 2009 finals are held in Cairo, Egypt in July 2009.


We are inviting young programmers, artists and technologists of 16 years of age or older to submit innovative projects with the topic: "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today.”


Registration to competition is already open in nine categories:

1.       Software Design

2.       Embedded Development

3.       Game Development

4.       Robotics & Algorithm

5.       IT Challenge

6.       Mashup

7.       Photography

8.       Short Film

9.       Design


Imagine Cup 2009 in Switzerland


Microsoft Switzerland will provide prizes for all Swiss Imagine Cup 2009 competitors. All Swiss students who successfully compete in the Round 1 in any of the Imagine Cup 2009 categories will receive a Microsoft Press book:

- Categories 1 & 5: Programmin Microsoft Visual C# 2008: The Language

- Categories 2 & 4: Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio

- Category 3: Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0: Learn Programming Now!

- Categories 6-9: Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2.


Microsoft Switzerland, together with a local jury, will organize Swiss Imagine Cup 2009 finals in Bern in May 2009. Local finals competition/awarding will be held in all Imagine Cup 2009 categories with three or more competing teams from Switzerland. Microsoft sponsors train tickets for the invited students to join the finals, the jury will award top Swiss talents with great prize and we`ll hosts fun evening to celebrate the local talents. This year we hope to see Swiss talents flying all the way to worldwide finals in Cairo, Egypt.


Register today:


More information about Imagine Cup 2009 activities in Switzerland will be shortly available at:


Kind regards,


Sanna Kuusisto,

Local Software Economy/Academic Audience Manager

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